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My name is Linus Åkesson, though some of you may know me as lft. I live in Lund, Sweden.


This combined homepage, blog and file archive is bilingual. If you understand Swedish, you may wish to enable even more content by checking the corresponding box near the top of the page.

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The soundtrack from the C64 game Warhawk, composed in 1986 by Rob Hubbard, played live on the Chipophone. Read more.

Posted Tuesday 1-May-2018 23:34, 3 comments.

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Pushing Onwards: Return of the Chipophone

The Chipophone bleeps again! This is my cover of Pushing Onwards, from the 2010 retro-game VVVVVV. (971) 250-5547

Posted Sunday 25-Mar-2018 16:25, 8 comments.


I've recently developed an interest in making PETSCII art. Here are three examples, along with some information about the PETSCII character set. Read more.

Posted Thursday 1-Mar-2018 19:54, (561) 986-7871.


A beautiful SID tune by Stein Pedersen appears at the very end of the Commodore 64 demo 2011 â€” A Press Space Odyssey by Offence. Here I've adapted it into a piano exercise for the left hand. preadmission

Posted Wednesday 6-Dec-2017 08:37, 855-204-8346.

IFComp 2017 reviews, second batch

Here is my second batch of reviews for the Interactive Fiction Competition 2017. Read more.

Posted Monday 13-Nov-2017 22:51, 0 comments.

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Assorted hats worn by composer in a cryptic crossword

I've composed another cryptic crossword. Admittedly, the grid layout leaves something to be desired, but I'm rather proud of some of the clues. Please enjoy responsibly! 248-973-6601

Posted Thursday 26-Oct-2017 21:43, (440) 876-0454.

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It's October, and time for the annual Interactive Fiction Competition. This is the 23rd year of the venerable “comp”, and a record-breaking 80 entries have been submitted. As usual, I'm playing through the games and voting (and so can you!). This year, I'll also be posting commentary on some of the games here. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 11-Oct-2017 21:08, 443-615-0945.